The 3 A.M. Creative Writing Exercise

Reviewing what I happened to write very late last night, where I expected to find the sentence, "They loaded our belongings into a rented van," I instead found "They loaded our belongings into a rented can." What's frustrating is, if I kept the typo, it would probably take my novel in a much more interesting direction. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Grendel said...

I know of two examples of this, but they didn't happen to me.

Michael Stipe once mentioned in an interview that for the song "These Days" (Lifes Rich Pageant), he wrote the lyrics out quickly by hand, then showed them to a friend. This person, glancing it over, said, "Ooh, I like this line: 'What do you do between the horns of the day?'" Stipe said he looked at it again and realized had misread his handwriting -- he'd meant to write "hours," not "horns." But he liked it much better and kept the change.

And then the thing that happened in the filming of Twin Peaks, according to the DVD commentary. The cameraman groaned and slapped his forehead, reviewing a shot of Laura Palmer's bedroom. Crouched behind the bed, Frank Silva, the set decorator, could just be seen from the eyes up. It would have to be reshot. Called David Lynch over. Lynch looked at the footage and said, "Perfect." The shot was kept, the character of Bob was created, the whole story changed to adapt. Good thing Silva studied acting in college.

ian said...

Bob was an accident! Oh, man, that makes him even more frightening. I still sometimes think of Agent Cooper staring into the mirror at the end of the final episode, saying, "How's Annie?" over and over again.

Grendel said...

THE most disturbing and depressing ending ever.

I've had several dreams about BOB, and they are among the worst I've ever had. In one he was coming at me across a pool while clapping his hands underwater -- just as fast as someone would in the air -- to prove how strong he was. Then he started killing people all around me, but apparently couldn't see me!

Have you checked out www.davidlynch.com? It's a pay site for original content, but you can check out previews, and it's the only place to get the real Eraserhead DVD (not the Korean one). He's got some original, disturbing, and funny stuff on there (cartoons). And then there's "Rabbits." Have you heard of this? A 45-minute film of people on an empty stage in rabbit suits -- one person on a bulletin board said it was the scariest thing he's ever seen. Naomi Watts is in it, yes in a rabbit suit. Supposedly all the Web site material going to be released on DVD, but who knows when.

segall said...

A certain Workshop grad to whom I'm married (I won't reveal his/her identity) once wrote a story where a character thinks about Lot's life turning to a pillar of salt, but spelled Lot with an extra t: Lott, as in Trent, the Mississippi senator, thus turning a family drama into a nifty political satire.

Vampiro said...

And you seem to have missed the other interesting detail: that Lot's life turned into a pillar of salt. Metaphor?