Hello all

Hello compatriots, the Deutschehund, the King of the Franks, and everyone's most feared Chicagoan bids you good day. I'm happy to be a part of the Earth Goat. Let the cannonballs fly. Let the earth eating begin.


Grendel said...

Yay! Howdy, Chris -- er, Charlemagne. Glad you could make it. So, what's shakin' lately in Chicago? You know, the Englert has reopened, and I had to do a double-take last night when I saw on the Marquee that "Second City" is coming, I believe in February.

dunkeys said...

Hey MARRIED guy. What's it like to be MARRIED? Aren't all you guys totally MARRIED? Where are all the GIRLS on this thing, anyway? Is it just some lonely MARRIED guy place to hang out?

(uh-oh -- dunkeygirl is coming. gotta go!)

Charlemagne said...

Chicago is all blustry and good. The high point of the year (besides gettin hitched) was going to the Barack Obama acceptance speech and celebration the night of the election. Of course, the low point happened on the same night as I watched Ohio fall apart from the bar at the Billy Goat Tavern (of SNL cheezebourger cheezebourger fame) with Jason, Kelly, and Chad.