Welcome Back, Danza

While not working on MLK Day, I had the opportunity to turn on the tv around a time I’m usually not in front of it. At first I thought it was just another infomercial, but then I realized that, yeah, Tony Danza has his own show, called “The Ton...” oh why finish that?

At this point in history, Tony Danza getting his own show almost feels like some obscure government pork. Or like it was in Reagan’s will: “Well, as my last act of charity, let it be known that my favorite young entertainer of all time, Tony Danza, should get his own talk show.”

But perhaps the best indicator of this show’s longevity is how one of the “Tony Danza Show”’s website descriptions reads: “...Tony will also highlight incredible kids, and get into the kitchen to cook some of his own favorite family recipes.”

In 2001, there were roughly 58,000 people majoring in Communications at four-year universities around the country. And Tony Danza has his own show. (National Center for Education Statistics)

Then I found that The Tony Danza Show broadcasts from New York. I was shocked, shocked! -- that Tony Danza can afford to live in New York!

Here are some strategies to get Danza:
1. Poison canneloni
2. Exploding feathered-hair creme
3. Curled up viper snake camouflaged as gold pendant

(Since I live in Indianapolis, I did some checking for Iowans: It airs on Des Moines, Ames, Channel 13 at 11:00am.)


Grendel said...

Some may remember my brother Chris from his portrayal of "Perry, the crusty ex-Marine arms-dealer father-in-law" for my story at Talk Art.

More ways to get Danza:

* Bloody Danny DeVito head made of wax on his dressing room vanity

* Sneak his real name into the opening credits, so it's "The Antonio Salvatore Iadanza Show"

Tony trivia: Went to college in Iowa (U. of Dubuque)

Strange Tony trivia: Was the only celebrity to write to the late Tupac Shakur while he was in prison. The two later became friends.

And how about a little memorable moment from Danza's "Taxi period":

Louie De Palma: What're you listening to, Banta?
Tony Banta: I can be here if I want to.
Louie De Palma: No, you can't.
Tony Banta: This is America, Louie.
Louie De Palma: No, it isn't.
Tony Banta: It isn't?
Louie De Palma: No! This is Louieland. You want America, go outside!

(Thanks to the Internet Movie DataBase: www.imdb.com)

segall said...

Tony was UD(ubuque)'s graduation speaker last year, a choice befitting of a school whose students might ask (as did one of mine), "What's a high rise apartment?"

Pete said...

I have to say, growing up as an italian-american in this country left me with precious few role models who weren't either 1) gangsters 2) known for pretending to be gangsters or 3) Christopher Columbus.

But then there was Danza: shimmering, bubbly Danza. A song and dance man, but so much more. A positive role model, indeed.

And then I realized: positive role models suck. I have a dad for that.

dunkeys said...

They totally ripped on TD on SNL a few weeks ago. The guy who does the "I'm just kidding!" thing. It was pretty hilarious. As is, of course, the Danz himself.