And Then What About Those Who Want To Raise Awareness But Prefer Long Sleeves?

From Timothy Noah's Chatterbox, on Slate:

At this late hour, it's impossible to look at somebody's awareness bracelet and learn precisely what that person is trying to raise awareness about, because there are simply too many possibilities. Purple, for instance, now signifies support for Alzheimer patients, abused animals, battered women, epileptics, children in foster care, or people with irritable bowel syndrome, among other things. Teal invokes the fight against ovarian cancer, except when it invokes the fight against myasthenia gravis, drug addiction, or sexual assault. Gray can raise awareness about brain cancer, diabetes, disabled children, emphysema, lung cancer, multiple sclerosis, mental illness, or a couple of diseases I've never heard of; or it can raise awareness about asthma or allergies. ("Please join me in the fight to cure hay fever.")

...I guess this means it's too late to introduce my crumpled-Maker's-Mark-label-colored bracelet to raise awareness about crap pretending to be literary fiction.

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Grendel said...

It's never too late, Ian. What's one more cupful to a river? I wasn't even aware of awareness bracelets till last week. It's a weird concept to me. Like, are you supposed to wear it forever? When you decide to stop wearing it, are you dissing the cause?