Official Earth Goat Super Bowl Predictions

Your predicted final score. Also, to keep it interesting, especially for the non-football fans, what you think everyone will be talking about the next day.

Patriots 35, Eagles 17

During the halftime show, a wardrobe malfunction reveals that Paul McCartney is, in fact, a robot. Subsequent investigation reveals that he has been a robot since 1972. The actual Paul McCartney has been locked up since then in the basement of a Merseyside post office. He emerges albino-pale, his beard down to his feet. His first comment: "No fucking way I recorded an album called 'Flaming Pie.' Come on. I've been locked in a basement for twenty-three fucking years. Stop taking the piss."


segall said...

Phi. 17, NE 14

Donovan McNabb throws for a TD, runs for another, and solves the ritual murder of Terrell Owens (turns out it was a vindictive Jeff Garcia). Joe Buck commits seppuku when Andy Reid gives McNabb a celebratory hug. "I apolgize that my network has broadcast such an explicitly sexual moment, such a public display of deviance. Goodbye to you all."

Pete said...

I don't like rooting for the overdog; it's an awkward position for a Bostonian.

Grendel said...

Eagles 99, Patriots 99

The game will be called a tie because the scoreboard couldn't do the third digits. People will be talking about the hot Viagra commercial featuring Bob Dole and Janet Jackson.