Iowa City guitar magic?

Earthier Goats,

Has anyone from I. City seen the band Tom's Guitar Show? The Midwest Music Summit is underway here in Indianapolis (http://www.midwestmusicsummit.com/) and TGS is playing on Saturday at a tiny outdoor patio hooked on to a hotel bar. The description says "Instrumental, from Iowa City" which tells me almost everything I need to know. Can anyone recommend?



Grendel said...

GB, I've never seen them and in truth never heard of them. They might be the "away team" of a band here, or I'm just out of it, which is more likely.

Metaphrog said...

I believe it's Tom Nothnagle from "Tom's Guitar Show," a Public Access show that used to be profoundly funny--it was live, and had callers...who were, more often than not, highschoolers that called in to make fun of Tom (and his hat), as well as to request Freebird and Stairway to Heaven. I'd vote for the "avoid at all costs." He doesn't exactly rock.
For all things Nothnagle: http://tomsguitarshow.com