John Fowles, RIP

John Fowles, author of The Collector, The French Lieutenant's Woman, and two of my absolute, all-time favorite novels, Daniel Martin and The Magus, has died.


Jane said...

Here's hoping he's hanging out with Frank, who's regaling him on the virtues of the opening scene of the French Lieutenant's Woman.

By the way, I definitely recommend "the Magus" -- it's an odd, trippy kind of book about elaborately staged fantasies, reminiscent of the plot of movies like "the Game" and "the Spanish Prisoner" with big crazy setups. Only there's more sex in it. Disclaimer: I read it while very bored in West Africa, under the influence of malaria medication. Still, I think it will hold up...

dunkeys said...

If anyone's still glancing at this thread . . . do you guys consider _The Magus_ a good book in a fun, light-hearted/ironic way, or is it capital L kick-ass literature?

(Disclaimer: I'm about a third in and it seems pretty silly. . . closer to Tolkien than Tolstoy. I'm not picking a fight, I'm just wondering if I should keep reading it)