The News from Houston

Talked to Mom and Pop yesterday -- between bursts of my father screaming "airborne!" in the background every time a helicopter came on the news, Mom said the situation in Houston was fairly stable -- they've got enough donations of food, water, and especially clothing, so if you're thinking of donating to someone, probably the Red Cross is the way to go.

Apparently, a bunch of the local churches are taking people in. Mom and Pop are working in our church's "soup kitchen" -- they're going to be making bag meals for people stuck in hotels and whatnot, and they'll also be having some spreads at the church. Considering my father was intrigued at my ability to melt cheese and peppers into chili con queso, I'm not quite sure how that will turn out. And I'm sure my Mom (who is a wonderful cook) will also be imparting her child-rearing wisdom to the evacuees, whether they want it or not ("See, you need to nag them until you break their spirit").

But, on a note that is probably making me feel way more optimistic than I should, my Mom said "Unless they run McCain, no one's going to vote Republican next time" -- which is similar to the Pope saying, "You know, Satan had a point."


Grendel said...

And Satan did have a point. Jehovah needed a time out, a chill pill, anger management.

SER said...

Everyone in the US should be really, truly, deeply scared right now, knowing how fucked we'll be if there's a terrorist attack. I hope people remember the massive incompetence in both '06 and '08. You'd think that if you were going to have to be ruled by fascists, you could at least enjoy the efficiency of it all. Alas.

Patry Francis said...

As a scientist on CNN pointed out, the bungling ain't over yet. Now they're pumping the toxic waters into the lake which will eventually flow into the gulf. What's worse, they haven't even bothered to test it and find out exactly what's in it.

Aargh! Sure hope Mom and Pop are right about the next election.

The Humanity Critic said...

The Bush administration could f*ck up a free lunch if you let them..