News from the Move

So, me and the two hounds are in New England (George says Hi, Pogue is too busy trying to figure out how to open the basement door, but she might talk to you later). I have a bed on the floor, a chair I got dumpster-diving on the way to work (while wearing my tie, which I was very proud of), my guitar and an amp the size of a shoe box, a stereo, and a papasan from Pier One. I feel like I'm in Chad's old heroin apartment -- it's really wonderful. The wood floors and empty rooms make rocking a very satisfying experience.

I live in Padanaram Village -- and it's gorgeous, with private beach access where I can look out across the water at Martha's Vineyard. The local "George's" is right on the water -- the bartender is Beth, and she is a big fan of Wally Lamb. Any and all must come visit.

The other day I was walking the dogs while wearing one of my old Iowa Young Writers t-shirts and this car came to a screeching halt in front of us. I panicked, George panicked, Pogue tried to use the opportunity to go after a cat. It turned out the woman who lives three doors down from me just had a son come back from Young Writers. He was in Arda's class, and apparently loved it. He has a green Volvo with a sticker that says "Listen to Black Sabbath."

So, come one, come all -- and bring a bathing suit.


Grendel said...

Your gordoness, thank you for the update. Good to know you;re ensconced and feeling good about things. And we hear you're coming back this weekend for the birth! Maybe we'll see you, though you will have more important things on your mind. And back in MA, we'll definitely see you, as we'll be about an hour away, with our own beach access. If we can ever find our swimming suits in our boxes, we'll bring them.

Brando said...

l G d A, glad you have settled into to MA. The IC is not the same without you.

T-bone said...

You and your dumpsters.

chad said...

Real men don't have couches. They have logs to sit on and no cable. Then, there is the fridge full of condiments. Do rice cakes (how did they get in here?) taste good with dijon mustard? You will find out. Alas I'm all growed up now. I got a CELL PHONE! Don't worry though. Almost half of my furniture is still from IKEA. I've switched from the heroin to the marshmelllow D & D coffee flavoring. But why split haris?