Is Jim Leach going to lose?

Consituent Dynamics is publishing its latest poll on congressional races. Click the link, then choose "Iowa District 2" from "Select a District." He's down 48% to 47% to David Loebsack. If Leach is in trouble, November really might be a landslide. I have written/emailed him a few times, and he always responds with polite, carefully nonpartisan letters. He's pro-choice, voted against the 2002 Iraq War Resolution, and was the only Republican in the house to vote against the 2003 tax cut. But Iowa City's is the most Democratic district in Iowa, and the default setting should be (D). He's been on borrowed time since 1977. His time may be up.


Brando said...

That is pretty shocking. I voted for him in 2002 and 2004, my line Repub vote, but not this year. I think he's a decent man and a good politician. However, I simply cannot support anyone in the Republican party now. Plus Leach has been a big backer of the ban on online gambling, which is just another example of the GOP's desire to regulate people's private lives.

Brando said...

I meant "lone" instead of "line.

Toni said...

He was 10 points behind on election day 2 years ago and won big. Always works that way. Raises little money, looks like he might lose, wins big.

I have always voted for him as my token Repub too, and will this year as well. Wouldn't except Loabsack is an arrogent self absorbed tool.