In case you were thinking about buying me a gift:

As some of you know, I got a drumset for this Christmas. This is what I would like for next year (I especially like the production value of this ad -- you'd think this guy could afford to look even partially professional -- but he has more cymbals than Neal Peart, which the camera drifts away to show you). I also like that this is his way of "giving back to the community" -- in today's slumping economy, endless war, and batshit real estate market, we need "The Nookie" now more than ever.

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Jane said...

I love that he feels qualified to teach "all levels," from "beginner to intermediate." Sweet!

Hey, we want to come play on your drums and play Pop a Shot, whatever that is.

My email is my full name at gmail, so give me a shout. We'll bring the beer and the cute twins. (No, no, not like that....)