Pynchon's LA

I know there are some rabid Pynchon fans here (looking at Grendel, askew) waiting for Inherent Vice. Wired Magazine has built an interactive map of LA based on the book. Looks like fun time-killing.


Grendel said...

Wow, thanks, Vampy. I believe Ian and Pete S are also on board, or at least in possession, of the book which came out today.

I'm on page 70. So far it is a bit like Vineland, and yes, Big Lebowskian, with the dopey protag and lots of criminal shenanigans, like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo stumbling around in Raymond Chandler World. I'm getting used to laughing out loud alone in a room. Here are just a few gems:

The bond between partners was nearly the only thing Doc had ever found to admire about the LAPD. For all the Department's long sorrowful history of corruption and abuse of power, here was at least something they had not sold but kept for themselves, forged in the dangerous life-and-death uncertainties of one working day after another -- something real to be respected.


Sloane made with the half-frown, half-smirk Doc had noticed among minor- and ex-showbiz people trying to be modest.


"Reason I ask is, if you were a cop, you'd be entitled to a free preview of our Pussy-Eater's Special?"

"How about a licensed PI? Would that--"

"Hey, Bambi!" Out through the bead curtains, as if on a time-out from a beach volleyball game, strode this blonde in a turquoise and orange Day-Glo bikini.

"Oboy," Doc said. "Where do we--"

"Not you, Bong Brain," Bambi muttered. Jade was already reaching for that bikini.

"Oh," he said. "Huh ... see, is what I thought is, here? where it says 'Pussy Eater's Special"? is what that means is, is that--"

Well ... neither girl seemed to be paying him much attention anymore, though out of politeness Doc thought he should keep watching for a while..."


Denis came back with his pizza. "I forget what I asked for on it." This happened at the Pipeline every Tuesday on Cheap Pizza Night, when any size pizza, with anything on it, cost a flat $1.35. Denis now sat watching this one intently, like it was about to do something.

"That's a papaya chunk," Slim guessed, "and these... are these pork rinds?"

..."Would you mind, Denis, actually, if I just took this piece of tofu?"

"That's a marshmallow."

Grendel said...

And I want to clarify: I'm not saying it's great literature, or even literature really. It's stoner noir comedy, bordering on farce. As far as that goes, though, so far it's the shit.

Trevor Jackson said...

For anyone still on the fence about whether to tackle this one, here's the trailer for the book. That's right, the trailer. Narrated by TP himself:

Inherent Vice trailer