Blogging is over?

Things have changed a lot since this blog started.  You have to scroll forever just to get past the archives.  It's had a long run for a blog. But face it, things are different heading, it seems, into 2010.  The Web's moved on, people are interested in different stuff, life is not the same.

I cast my glance at Facebook.  It's much better than blogging in most ways.  But it's more public than this niche here, and I'd never want to get rid of this, but it seems most people have moved on, away, to different sectors of life, as I have myself.  What to do?  Not everyone is on Facebook.  Is it re-Balkanization?

Where did the conversation go?  What's happening, as Dr Thompson wrote -- what's going on?


cfp said...

I've been wanting lately to use the internet as a more focused and deliberate tool. I'd like, for example, to use it to have a conversation and do some reading around a particular text. I'd most like to read that text with a group, sort of like what a bunch of bloggers did this summer with Infinite Jest. I was thinking Frankenstein, but I'm open to other ideas if anyone wants to join me. We could do that here or on a different blogger template. Doesn't matter to me.

El Gordo de Amore said...

Actually, that's not a bad idea. Kerry and I were kind of lamenting the fact we haven't really kept up with the Iowa folks as much as we would have liked. This could either be because a) no one liked us in the first place, b) we're terrible about keeping up with people in general, c) President Obama's socialist policies, or d) Satan. So, maybe something that actually encourages us to interact a little more might be good. That being said, I also like having someplace to post dipshit things that make me laugh from time to time.

Grendel said...

I'd like that as well. Frankenstein is okay with me too.

kclou said...

I think "Netherland" would be a rewarding book to put on the list.

cfp said...

I think I'd maybe rather read Netherland.

I'm currently committed to The Tin Drum for at least the next month or so. But I think if we're going to do this, let's do it right.

Should we take more nominations?

Should we resolve the issue by poll?

Should we set a date for posting to begin?

Should we do it on EG?

What should we do?

What we shouldn't do is just sort of talk about it. I hate that.

Vampiro said...

I would love to participate in the Earthgoat Renaissance, but this coming month isn't good.

Just to get a vote in: I do still check Earthgoat daily, though I don't post often. Facebook is nice, but a conversation on Facebook involves coworkers, family, ex-high-schoolers, random spouses of people I don't talk to anymore, and you guys. I like being able to have focused conversations here on topics we all find interesting.

I may not be able to group-read this time, but I'll still be checking, and I'd be up for something in the future.

dunkeys said...

Me likey, too, & another vote for Netherland.

El Gordo de Amore said...

I'm trying not to notice that no one has said "What you talking bout, Gordo, we all loved you!"

Damn you guys and your Kenyan president.

dunkeys said...

Hey, Gordo, how can we not love you?
Anyway, I'm excited about this book. Maybe next time we can choose something a little less mainstream.

As far as a plan, here's mine: I'm going to start reading the book by the end of the week and try to post early uninformed opinions over the weekend.

msf said...

Gordo, you know it's not you--it's totally Satan. I'm with Vu on crazy November but I've already read Netherland so maybe I can pipe in from time to time. Definitely a book worth discussing. I believe when I posted something about Remainder I included a link to Zadie Smith's article about Remainder and Netherland--may I suggest it as a potential conversation topic?

HGF said...

For what it's worth, I check regularly, too, and I'd vote for a continued repository for the posting of dipshit things and also a more focused and deliberate tool. Just coming out of the craziest month, but read Netherland either late spring or summer.