Non-literary Holiday Question

We're looking for present ideas for a sparkly five-year old girl S. Santa's bringing one big present for each kid, this year, and her brother, C. (aged 8), helped things along by making a long list from catalogs. We've settled on a nifty race-car set for him. It will take up a lot of floor space and will probably draw attention from grandad . . . and maybe dad, too. So, we're looking for a present for S. that she'll like and play with and/or use; and that will also--this is important to S.--seem equal to what her brother got. Any ideas out there? She likes to draw and color; started the piano this year; and is learning to spell at a great pace. She likes to look pretty, but doesn't play a lot of dress-up. She's asked for a laptop (Haven't we all?), yet doesn't play much with the leapster she asked for last year. We can go as much as $125-150, but it's not the price so much as the effect. When C. is lying there racing formula one cars against his granddad, we want S. to feel just as proud of her . . . . .


cj said...

I just asked my kids what presents they've liked. Two of them mentioned specific stuffed animals, and the third said, "those rubber lizards." So who knows. There was also a talking gnome that was a big hit.

It gets harder and harder each year to think of the one "big" present for each of them. Maybe a nice sled? A big dollhouse? A new bike or a scooter? One of those easy-to-set-up-and-dismantle playhouses/indoor-tents?

If you really want to put those racing cars to shame, there is one sure-fire idea: a hamster.

HGF said...

Awesome suggestions. We'll bank some for next year. In the end, we went with a kind of art cart, with an easel that converts into a desk. It should take up the last remaining free area in the living room.