A different kind of movie review

Um, if you haven't already, you might want to check out Brando's latest piece, called "Gene Shalit's parasitic twin reviews Revenge of the Sith." Yeah, you probably want to do that.

"Our mother didn’t help matters by dressing us in the same outfits," explains Shalit's abbreviated brother 'Harry.' "So we escaped to the dark safety of the movie theater, where I could detach from him for a couple hours without a lot of screaming and fainting." In case you were wondering about the hair thing, Gene's signature frizztop "...stores vital nutrients I could only otherwise get by digesting his internal organs."

Dark, dark stuff. (TLB, what the hell is in y'all's medicine cabinet?)


TLB said...

Now you see, Grendel. I keep warning people not to laugh at his jokes because it only encourages him. Now you know the horror. RUN! RUN THE OTHER WAY!!

the plunge said...

Pardon the anachronistic blogging here, but I suffered such harsh attacks from all flanks in the recent debate on Indian film, that I thought a footnote to that conversation might be appropriate.

Please see my debate-ending comment in the thread in question.

Tao Lin said...

one thing i don't like about fiction from the new yorker is that the style is almost always the same

that is

there is no style

and so the language is always very circuitous and inefficient and so on