Hi -- I'm getting George to type this for me, and we broke into Pop's ACCOUNT -- I'm having my first Birthday party this SATUrday JUNE 25 at MOM AND DAD's HOUSE at 5 PM. Just Bring YOURSELVES and whatever else you may want (and many many dog treats -- they don't feed us -- God help us please -- we are so hungry --so very, very, hungry --G & P). We'll grill and PLAY games, READ Ulysses to appease my doofus Pop, and maybe even KARAOKE!!! (I play very good drums). VICTORIAn DRess APPreciated, BUT not Required. NO CATS.




possum said...

Oddly enough, I might have believed this whole ruse, if I didn't know that Pogue is the brains of the operation in that house.

SER said...

Jimbo, don't write in Courier anymore, please. I have font bias. But I will go in for a quick death-rage at your festivities this weekend before my presence is required elsewhere. Keg stands, you and me, Pooper - that's right.

bihari said...

Dude, all night death rage with us and the four month old, what do you say?....Sparhawk