Ooja, Grendel, and Luka

I would like to thank the above-mentioned, Goat-guardianed canines for putting Mark and Evelyn through a workout today that resulted in Mark's falling asleep on his back with his legs in the air and Evelyn's not whimpering in her crate for nearly two hours. Nice job! I would also like to thank TLB and Bihari, who are not technically canines but who are able to deeply imagine dogs' needs, for coming by to offer up additional exhaustion for the young pooches.


bihari said...

Always happy to exhaust a canine. Am also available to exhaust equines, felines, and small humans. Not so good with avian-americans, and penguins are right out.

Grendel said...

Evelyn and Mark are as impressive as they are cute. The Real Grendel and Luka had a blast playing with them. And eating pupcakes.