Bill O'Reilly, novelist

As Brando points out in his "Bill O"Reilly's Brain Flees Body" post on Circle Jerk, The Factor's host has written a ... has written ... written a ... a .... novel.


ian said...

From the Amazon summary: "What goes on behind the news is the news in Bill O'Reilly's first novel, Those Who Trespass: A Novel of Murder and Television. The engaging thriller centers around a string of murders being carried out in almost ritualistic fashion against the major players of Global News Network (GNN) and miscellaneous others involved in the television news industry."

Isn't Global News Network where Ron Burgundy ends up at the end of Anchorman? The thought that there could be some kind of intersection between a shlock Bill O'Reilly mystery novel and the greatest film of the past 50 years is too much for my wee brain to handle.

MSF said...

unless the acronym GNN has a different meaning, it is also the news network prominently featured in the "Left Behind" series. Because of my extremely slutty/masochistic reading habits, I'm actually curious to check one of those out. However, I a) refuse to purchase one, and b) am afraid that taking one out of the library will somehow stain me forever in a way I cannot yet foresee. Oh well. Curiosity killed something or other, I suppose.

Grendel said...

I, too, have a perverse curiosity about the Left Behind series, but have ducked actually acquiring them. I saw a couple of them at The Book End. Other used bookshops around town surely stock these -- they are the best-selling fiction in the country, after all.

You should definitely read the hilarious review of the three Left Behind movies on Slate.

SER said...

MSF, I would think that checking out the Left Behind Series from the library might perhaps inoculate you from the FBI, given that we now live in a theocracy.

Alternatively, you could engage in some minor subversive activity by, say, placing anthrax or another bioweapon in its pages. Something to consider!

(Dear FBI minders, do not arrest me! I am kidding!)

Brando said...

Woo hoo, blog traffic! Thanks, Grendel.

The fabulous World O' Crap blog did a comparison between O'Reilly's novel and Pamela Anderson's Star Struck (which is about a young celebrity who runs into homeless man and kills him with her giant, fake breasts).