Charles d'Ambrosio lecture, David Lynch in Iowa webcast


4pm today -- Pappajohn W401, "How to Write Dialogue"

9:30-10:30am Saturday -- If you didn't pony up the $115 registration fee to spend the weekend meditating and eating vegetables with David Lynch (try the DAILY WEATHER REPORT or, if you dare, CONTINUE and look at the TRAILERS) at the Maharishi University of Management in nearby Fairfield, you can watch his Q & A tomorrow morning for free on the Web. Mr. Lynch, who credits his insanely creative imagination partly to meditation, will be discussing "Filmmaking, Consciousness, and the Creative Process." (Not his first time in Iowa, btw -- remember The Straight Story took place in Iowa.)
I meditate in the morning and in the evening, for half an hour each time. I don't know what my life would be without meditation and I never have missed one session anywhere. I've meditated every day for the past 23 years... the idea of that is to expand consciousness by clearing the machines of consciousness, which is the nervous system, and the greater the consciousness, you know ... I think in the analogy of fishing, the deeper your hook can go to catch the bigger ideas. And it's very important to get down in there. Sitting comfortably, in a chair, drifting off, not trying to manipulate what's in front of you, sometimes you can drop into a beautiful area or bounce up to higher, whichever way you want to see it, into a beautiful area and catch ideas.


SER said...

I had to leave at 4:30, which, as those of you who attended know, was basically when the whole thing was actually starting after a series of comic foul-ups, including a missing lecturer. Did anyone take notes?

Grendel said...

I missed it altogether -- I was on a roll, writing. If anyone went and took notes, would love to see 'em!