Salad Fingers

Bizarre, demented, awkward, addictive short cartoons by David Firth ... starring Salad Fingers.

Episode 1, "Spoons"
Episode 2, "Friends"
Episode 3, "Nettles"
Episode 4, "Cage"
Episode 5, "Picnic"
Episode 6, "Present"
Episode 7, "Shore Leave"


ian said...

why abuse drugs when stuff like that is free?

Grendel said...

Isn't it creepy? And yet oddly satisfying. "I like when the red water comes out." I haven't checked out the other cartoons on that site yet, but they must also be strange.

segall said...

I don't know if I'm the last person to in the world to see this, but it's pretty damn funny.

Not that The Shining wasn't hysterical to begin with.

bR said...