The Kids are Alright

TRG and Luka were bounding around the yard and doing well yesterday.

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Grendel said...

Thanks, bR. Got hold of Jen, who said things are going fine.

Everything is good here as well. Big family reunion in Galway was a smashing success. As usual, after enough pints, things devolved into ballad singing, and yes, I full-throated one myself: "From Clare to Here."

Been in Amsterdam for a day now. Renting a gorgeous apartment from two artists found on the Internets. "Everything here is for sale," she said, handing us the keys. "My boyfriend made the paintings, and I made the stained glass pieces. Prices are on the bottom of everything. Just take something if you like it and leave the money." Just can't say enough good about this city. Can you ride your bike on the sidewalk? Can you bring your glass pint outside? Can you get anywhere by train or tram or bike? Can you register a business in half an hour? Can you get your jointje, shoarma, patat, biertje, paddestoelen magische, and black leather bondage rubber duckie all within a block? Yes, the answer is yes, always yes.