Cops investigate fiction writer, claim murder isn't appropriate subject for fiction

Friend of Earth Goat Saltwater Farmer alerts us to this incredible story of police with a confused notion of their duties in Florida. A short update is here. It's like something out of the old Soviet Union, and it would be scary if it weren't for the fact that it's basically campus cops trying to "play FBI." However, the fact that police anywhere somehow got the idea that they have the need and power to silence a writer of fiction is disturbing. As the article's author points out, if they're going to investigate every crime writer, they're "going to need a bigger budget."


Pete said...

In other news, John Le Carre may or may not be currently detained in Guantanamo, and that kid from Six Feet Under has wings.

Nate said...

Adorno writes: "Every work of art is an uncommitted crime" -- so I guess they're working on the pre-emptive / hypothetical prevention model!