In Case You Called . . .

For four days last week/weekend, the voicemail system for SBC (nee AT&T) went down . . . for the *entire* state of Nevada. Four days!

That's not even the weird part: I've just been doing Google searches to see what articles were written about this in the news . . . and I can't find a single one. Not in the local newspaper (a Gannett subsidiary), not on SBC's website, not in the Vegas papers, not CNN.com. Nothing.

Maybe I'm stupid ("maybe" is being kind), but isn't this news-worthy? The silence is surprising and even a little unsettling. Such a widespread technological failure followed by an entire lack of coverage is something I've never encountered before, not once in my life. Anyone else?

Four days! The whole state! Not one story!


Pete said...

Stupid question: how did you know it was the whole state without any media coverage to tell you as much? Did the phone company tell you?

gillymonster said...

Write the story! It sounds like solid gold, untapped possibility. You would make a name as investigative journalist extraordinaire.

dunkeys said...

Answer: The university sent out emails explaining that the problem was state-wide, and when I talked to the phone company (in my capacity as disgruntled customer, not Seymour Hersh), they confirmed this.

It *does* sound worth looking into, as I can only assume that William Blake, Billy Ray Cyrus, and lounge singers are all very much involved in this conspiracy that's already deepening in my mind.

Vampiro said...

Hey now, did you have to mention the Gannett connection? Is that a jab at my woman?

Duke up, dunkeys! It's a brawl.

dunkeys said...

Am I that transparent?

(And earlier I meant to wittily reference Robert Blake, not William. Sigh.)