So, I'm in my office, waiting for a student, and I google my name on a whim -- and lookee what comes up:

My Audience

It's the third thing down -- no one asked, and only the good Lord (or a sexy barely legal teen) knows where they came across it. I am planning on asking -- but ...

I'm oddly touched. Not even oddly -- I'm seriously touched (as are many of the sexy barely legal teens). I haven't been this happy about my writing since Connie said I was in the Workshop (though my first Workshop with Ethan where Jennifer Haigh had up a really lovely story about adult relationships and I had up a story about clones and the law firm that caters to them was up there too). It looks like they posted the thing simply because the oglers of sexy barely legal teens like it -- or it presents a nice break from touching one's self (which I've always thought of as being the real strength of my stories -- providing breaks from touching one's self -- basically that's what writing does for me). These folks seem to like it for no other reason but that they like it -- not that it's cool, or particularly literary, or even any good (it's pretty freaking clunky, but what are ya gonna do?).

And I think I've found my audience (I'm not even kidding) -- one of the thing that gets me down at times is that I flip through your average lit mag and realize there is no place for me there.

But, this -- this is a possibility ...

So, weird eh?

Weird and wonderful.

Like sexy barely legal teens.


dunkeys said...


That's awesome, A. And -- not necessarily *more* awesome, but at least equally so . . . is the link. Really great stuff. And, you know, the story is cool, too.

Grendel said...

This is unreal. But where's the rest of the story? You can't just leave us hanging like this? What happens to Lee?

traca de broon said...

If only Allen Ruskin worked in a school for barely legal girls. Then one could do one's reading while doing one's touching of oneself, which appeals to my sense of efficiency.

Aldous Bukowski said...

i seem to recall this happening before... you sure this isn't a "groundhoggish day" replay of a life event?

El Gordo de Amore said...

Actually, this story was once featured on an Idaho tourism site -- again, how they got it, who knows?

Unless you're thinking of that weird Lumpy thing from the Legal Writing ListServ.

And as far as what happens to Lee, I can assure you it involves hot girl-on-girl action!

Or at least it does now!