YouTube Awards

You can vote for best people-powered videos for a couple more days (till March 23). If you've ever wondered, "What's good on YouTube?" -- this is your one-stop link to see the best of 2006 in various categories. It should go without saying that it's way better than the Academy Awards was. Some really amazing stuff. (And with no TV yet, it's filling a void.)

This one, just as one example, in which this guy takes a picture of himself every day, in the same way, for more than six and a half years, and then flows them all into one long stream. Something very affecting about it. His eyes. His hair looks like it's underwater. The video quality gets better and better (he probably went through a few cameras). You can tell when he hasn't shaved for a few days, when he's moved to a different apartment, when he's on vacation. I felt a real sadness. By the end of not even six minutes I felt like I knew him. Nice work, Noah, whoever you are.

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HGF said...

I know what you mean. There is a point before the final movement where he seems to start gritting his teeth. Before, he seemed to be flying through time, his lips unmoving, his hair blowing in the wind; some people pop into his life; and then all this trying to maintain continuity and integrity through time--suddenly it seems like work. It becomes a test of strength. He is clearly aging before our eyes. And then the music leaps and there is a sense of falling, combined with a new anxiety to the tones and settings. I'd seen variations of this video form (take a picture of yourself every day) before on YouTube, but they were for shorter overall periods, and in the editing or framing went more for entertainment. This one is unbelievably rigorous over time and in the process touches a superhuman loneliness. I felt terrifically sad for him.