Charlemagne's Heir

I'm pleased to report that Charlemagne (Mrs. Charlemagne, actually) has given birth to a first born daughter. Her name is Emmerson James, and she arrives at a healthy 2o inches & 7lb 13oz. Mother, father (who is henceforth to be known as Pappy One-Eye), and daughter are all in great health and looking forward to building a pyramid of diapers, one stinky poo at a time. I'd post pictures, but sadly, there are far too many weirdos on the Intertubes.


traca de broon said...

Fantastic news--congratulations to the Charlemagne's!

Grendel said...

Congrats to Mrs. Charlemagne and Pappy One-Eye -- but most of all, welcome Emmerson James Charlemagne to the world. There are some rules:

1. No hurting bugs or any animals.

2. Deal straight with the world. Never lie.

3. Relax, enjoy yourself! You get one time around this place! Until you are reincarnated (maybe).

4. Always be sensible.

P.S. "Immer" means "always" in German. I always loved that word. "Immerson"

T-bone said...

Oh yes! How wonderful! Great news!

El Gordo de Amore said...

May you continue to spread your mighty seed far and wide!

bR said...

Congrats! Post pix. Get sleep.