But if you're writing Christian romance, you are so set

Some additional reporting on the AP-Ipsos "readers" poll.


Brando said...

I am working on one of those: Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy hides relationship with male GOP intern from girl.

Grendel said...

Googling '"Christian romance" book brought me to this site, which has juicy titles like this:

Lumberjack's Lady

Letitia Hunter works as a clerk at her father's lumber company, but her place in society is well established. When an intriguing French lumberjack comes to work in the office alongside her, Letitia knows she cannot allow the feelings he stirs within her. Her father would never consider him an eligible suitor. From the moment Etienne rescued the boss's lovely young daughter from drowning in a frozen lake, he has not been able to put her out of his mind. Working with her only complicates things. Yet his feelings for her are so strong. Can he overcome prejudice and prove his worth both as an employee and as a man? God works in mysterious ways, His children to bless. Will He make this relationship work?

And this:

Red Like Crimson

When Adrianne found out she was pregnant eight years ago, she made the decision to leave Bible school and raise her child alone. Staying would have prevented her boyfriend from fulfilling his God-appointed mission in life. But every day since, she has regretted her decision. Chris-rejected, confused, and heartbroken-finished school and soon found himself in Nicaragua, loving life as a missionary. But the void left by Adrianne's unexplained departure remains. When Chris returns to the States for a friend's wedding, is his unexpected meeting with Adrianne a coincidence or a "God incidence?" Can they put aside the past and embrace a future together as a family?

Brando said...

"God incidence!" Oh sweet Moses, that is the best fake word I have seen in a long time.