Questions for Craig Finn, of the Hold Steady

So, I'm interviewing Craig Finn about literary influences in his music. Knowing that I have a treasure trove of literary knowledge (excluding Dunkeys, who I'm still looking at) right here on this little blog, I thought I'd ask if anyone has some good questions. Especially the poets, considering the importance of John Berryman on the latest record.
In related musical news, anyone remember that kid Ezra Furman from Iowa Young Writers Studio (the kid I had to find a rabbi for in Iowa City so he could celebrate the sabbath -- sample exchange between me and rabbi: Rabbi: "Who is this person? I can't have a crazy person in my house." Me: "He's fifteen -- how crazy could he be." Rabbi: "Plenty crazy.")? I was cruising the hype machine for songs and came across two of his. They're actually pretty good.


Trevor said...

I can't think of any questions right now, but I just wanted to say it's really cool that you're doing this.

I'll try and think of some questions, but all I've got so far are kinda lame (what contemporary writers does he like, how has his relationship with Minneapolis changed since moving to NY, does he remember me from the show at the Picador).

I'm vicariously star-struck.

Grendel said...

Whether he thinks drugs have had as big an influence on their music as on their lyrics (seems to me they haven't, which is unusual...)

traca de broon said...

If you're stuck, just get him to talk about the Replacements.