Formerly local boys and girls make good

The first novel by '05er Sugi (or, as I like to call her, VV Ganeshananthan) is out! It's called Love Marriage. Buy it! And check out her book tour dates.

'04er Katherine is now a senior editor at HarvardBusiness.org.

And '04er Sam has a segment on this week's This American Life. It'll air Friday, 4/18; Saturday, 4/19; and/or Sunday, 4/20, depending on your local NPR affiliate's schedule. For a full station guide, go here.

Read, listen, and learn!


Grendel said...

Way cool news, SER. Way to go, Sugi, Katherine, and Sam. Loved hearing Sam's voice again, and the story was excellent ... I always had a bit of a nonsexual crush on that man.

Sam said...

Nonsexual! You injure me, sir! Ah, but seriously, thanks for listening. I hope you guys are doing well -- be sure to give Lila and me a call if you pass through NYC sometime.

Pete said...

I'll second the praise on the TAL piece. Great story.

I'm glad, too, that a "Mr. Coco" was able to make an appearance as a neighbor/gay lover-heir/cryogenics skeptic.

No relation, by the way. So far as I know.