Yo Quiero

I think I've said it before- it's not really baseball season until they play at Fenway. So once again: happy baseball, folks.

On the taco: I missed it when this happened in October, but I think the point stands: cross-promotion is the new stand-in for cultural ceremony. He stoleth the base and so we scarfeth the tacos.

The upside? Free tacos. The downside: a schizophrenic and petty discourse. It's not just the tacos, of course. It's the practice of journalism as it is so depressingly evoked by this image.

Because the only way you're going to get that many mics shoved in John Yoo's face is with photo shop.

(Note to photoshoppers-please leave in the reporter under the table. She's my favorite part.)


Vampiro said...

Are they trying to use the microphones to capture the perfectly crisp crunch of that perfect taco? Or are they trying to be first to capture his immediate satisfied reaction?

Go Cubbies! I can't wait to go to the soon-to-be Wrigley Field Brought to You by CDW.

Grendel said...

I wish we had Taco Bell here.