More Than Half of American Adults Read Fiction

When is the parade?

I feel like this story comes out every few months. Well, here's some good news for a change.

Now how long before Grendel posts some dispiriting link about how 90% of Dutch adults read fiction and 10% publish?


Grendel said...

I couldn't immediately find international comparison statistics of fiction reading. But I think a lot of it comes down to leisure time. If you're Dutch, you get 5 weeks vacation minimum -- plus holidays. And I'm pretty sure the actual work week is much shorter here. At 5, everyone leaves the office. At 6, every shop is closed.

I also found the following from a CNN report on comparing amount of time worked per year:

"What's even more concerning, especially to Johnson and his fellow ILO analysts, is that "the increase in the number of hours worked within the United States runs counter to the trend in other industrialized nations," he says. There, "we're seeing a declining number of hours worked annually."

Using the most recently available data, the ILO has determined that the average Australian, Canadian, Japanese or Mexican worker was on the job roughly 100 hours less than the average American in a year -- that's almost two-and-a-half weeks less. Brazilians and British employees worked some 250 hours, or more than five weeks, less than Americans. Germans worked roughly 500 hours, or 12-and-a-half weeks, less than careerists in the States."

Vampiro said...

You're killing me here, G.

Grendel said...

Sorry, V. But a person can read a lot of books in 500 hours.

TLB said...

The real question we all want to know, G, is how we can get ahold of one of those Dutch jobs.

Grendel said...

TLB, Holland and the US have a treaty that allows Americans to come here and live if they set up a business. Red tape? Sure. But it's entirely possible if you;re determined.