Typical, but still surprising

See this short piece from Andrew Sullivan.   States where people (and laws) exhibit the harshest stances regarding gay marriage and other "values" issues are the biggest consumers of porn.  And Utah is the biggest consumer of online porn in the US.


Grendel said...

Another good one. The stats are from 2005, but I can't imagine they have reversed.

"Of the top 15 states for divorce rates in 2005, all 15 voted for Bush in 2004. All fifteen. Of the 12 lowest states for divorce rates, 10 voted for Kerry."

cfp said...

It seems too easy, doesn't it? I'm not questioning these numbers per se. It is believably ridiculous that these people are really just arguing against a part of themselves. That's a hell of a projection on to the rest of us but it makes sense.

What I have trouble believing isn't that people work this way. It's that the rest of us have played along with it for so long.

But there's also a sense, maybe, that we won't be playing along any longer.

I alternate, these days, between a longview optimism about the world and a fuckshitfuck reaction to what's right in front of me. There is a causality in these two states, I think. But I'm trying to spend less time on the internet, with the fuckshitfuck, and more time reading. I have come back to Russell Banks, for example, after burning out on him many years ago. But man. That first chapter of "The Sweet Hereafter." I could read it daily, like a catechism.

And maybe I should. It's almost certain to be better daily bread than my google feed.

Brando said...

The porn in Utah doesn't surprise me. When you have 3+ wives to have sex with, you gotta do what you can do to keep the flow flowing.