My First Novel

People, people! I'm scrambling a bit because I thought my novel - The World in Half - came out in two weeks, but evidently it comes out TODAY! Go buy it. Tell everyone you know to buy it. Become my fan on facebook. Tell everyone you to know to become my fan on facebook. Check out my tour dates. Come to an event. Write an amazon review. Tell your good friend Oprah how much you love it. Rave to all your Hollywood pals about what a good movie it would make and how Catalina Sandino Moreno and Gael Garcia Bernal should star in it. Together, we can make this a more perfect book release!


El Gordo de Amore said...

Awesome -- some good news in a world where all I seem to read about is layoffs. Congrats!

And, just to put this out there now since you mentioned it, I think we should have a global Earthgoat deal that whoever gets a movie has to make sure all the rest of us get to be in it.

I think I would make a wonderful "Girl in Bikini #2."

TLB said...

Whee, congrats! I have a galley I'm reviewing for our local independent. Looking forward to reading the whole thing.

Grendel said...

Just ordered mine! This is absolutely wonderful news, Cristina. Cannot wait to read it. So much work coming to fruition must be extremely exciting, if not nerve-wracking. We'll have to do an interview, yes, when I'm done?