Great detailed analysis of Sarah Palin's modus operandi

If you, like me, find yourself inexplicably fascinated by this character whenever she struts onto the national stage, you may have been wondering WHYYYY??? Why in God's name do I pay attention to what she says, does, thinks? According to this careful reading of her methods and presentation, it's because she is a kind of intuitive cultural genius. (h/t to Alex Chee)

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Decker said...

I wouldn't disagree with any part of the article. But I would maintain the following: 1) Palin herself doesn't possess the political acumen -- or at least the deliberateness -- that would normally be attributable to such machinations, and 2) even if I'm wrong about #1, her effectiveness as a politico is just as negligible as it was last fall, meaning that she inspires no one beyond the red-meat, convention-attending, Fox and Friends-watching echo chamber currently known as the Republican base.