Adventures in Saunders-land

Chapter 1. Holy Land Theme Park on the shores of Galilee.

Chapter 2. Imitation Iraq. (Straight-faced version from the Economist; snarky blogger re-take; and, if you have the January Harper's, there is the Wells Tower piece, "Under the God Gun," written with a post-Saunders eye.)

Chapter 3 (forthcoming). Pseudo-Congress.


Trevor Jackson said...

"There is something sinister about their embrace," said a Knesset member.

Sinister? What could be less sinister than the Adventureland-ing of Armageddon?

Ride the Lucifer Demon Drop from Heaven! The Rapture Roller Coaster--it only goes straight up!

Grendel said...

I used to talk about such unlikely projects as Six Flags Over Syria. But this is much, much worse. Jesus McChrist. What in the world would he think if he came back? He wanted to destroy the Temple because people were changing Roman money for Jewish money. Now there will be big money changing hands purely as blatant commercial exploitation of his image and legacy.

The possibilities are incredible. It almost makes me want to go -- I fantasize about writing about it for Rolling Stone or something. I hope Trevor's right about the rides. Imagine the restaurants? The Loaves and Fishes. The Last (Chance For) Supper.

Grendel said...

Did everyone see this? Looks like Robertson's foot-in-mouth routine the other day torpedoed plans for McJesusLand.

Grendel said...

Correction: torpedoed his involvement. Plans for McJesusLand are full speed ahead.