Lie back and think of New England

Like others before me, tomorrow I will head east on 80 and leave Iowa City for New England. I shall spend the next two days crawling along at 50 mph in a 22-foot diesel truck that I feared would ride like a jackhammer but which, owing to its overkill shock absorption, actually rides like a bouncy castle. I’ll be tying bricks to my ankles to keep from ricocheting about the cabin.

With me will be a cooler of diet Coke, an iPod loaded with newly downloaded and otherwise-acquired deliciousness (thank you, TJ), and innumerable fond memories of Iowa City and everyone I associate with it. I will also have a borrowed cell phone. Call me so I can get distracted while driving and have an emergency so as to justify needing the phone in the first place. All I'm missing is a pet monkey sidekick to join me in hijinks and misadventures along the way.

I will be joined September 1 by Grendel, The Real Grendel, and the lesser-known Luka in our temporary Cape Cod home. You are all encouraged to visit soon and often.

I will miss this place.

Peace out.


El Gordo de Amore said...

Good luck -- and I will go over to the Catholic Church and see if I can get some Masses said asking God to send you a monkey. Hopefully one that could split the driving.

Be safe.

bihari said...

And we will miss you! Happy driving, and here's hoping for monkeys.

TLB said...

Godspeed, traca. Godspeed.

Brando said...

Be careful when you tell the monkey to make a right turn.

Oh, wait, wrong monkey.

Safe travels to you and Grendel.

El Gordo, while you're at it, I could use a helper monkey, so make it two.

traca de broon said...

I woke my sister as I drove my big, loud truck onto her driveway two hours ago. She came out to greet me and, right then, her water broke. Ah, the power of a diesel engine! So although I still do not have a monkey, tomorrow—please God—I will have a nephew. I will call him Bear.

Trevor Jackson said...

Glad you made it safely, Traca. Your arrival story is hilarious. You can add Labor Inducer to your long list of accomplishments. Hope all's well with your sister and Bear.

T-bone said...

Talk about timing! I tried to post a comment yesterday about the monkey and Gillymonster's bicycle in the tomatoes(?), but it didn't take, and now this news of your sister is even more exciting! Did you rush her to the hospital in the truck? Please send pictures--Mini-T sends her love.

traca de broon said...

No way! A monkey rode Gilly's bike into the tomatoes?!