Fall reading lineup?

So, who's on tap for readings this fall in the IC? Degrees of Grey lists a few of them, but I wonder if someone would publish the whole list. Also, I hope people go to these and blog about them. It's weird my not being able to do that anymore. Maybe I'm not the person to be running Earth Goat anymore. Or maybe it'll just become more East Coast-centric. Or maybe nobody gives a flying rat's bottom.

As for the picture, that's my new friend, who came strolling across the headquarters grounds a few days ago.


Trevor Jackson said...

Nice picture.

I give a flying rat's bottom. But not those walking rats' bottoms. Those rats are filthy.

I've been meaning to pull a list together of the readers this weekend. I can post a link to it from here. I'll rely on the self-correcting intarweb to help me fill in the gaps.

traca de broon said...

My flying rat's bottom is more concerned with this new friend of yours--will he be joining us in our new home?

Grendel said...

He will not. I will admit I had intentions, but I looked up care needs of Eastern box tortoises, and it seems he would need to start hibernating in about four weeks. For three months at least. At a certain temperature, yadda yadda. So I let him go. My whole life I've wanted a box tortoise, and it took till I was 40 years old to find one. And then I found two -- remember I found another one a month or so ago in Hoosier Natuonal Forest -- but by now they are protected in Indiana, meaning illegal to capture and domesticate. Better to let him start his burrow in peace instead of live in some box in Massachusetts. I'll bet you're not disappointed. And yet, what a cool wife to ask if he is coming rather than inform me that he is not. I will never forget that. Until I find a snake and you tell me I can't keep it.

Trevor Jackson said...

I think that turtle faced off against Lord Voldemort and survived. Note the bolt on its head.