Two Musical Questions, and a Video

Because SER's music post was fun:

As I was driving to work today, listening to Rush, as I am wont to do, it suddenly occurred to me that I could think of no cover versions of Rush songs by other bands. I've heard covers of just about everything (even Neil Young doing that silent John Cage thing), but no Rush. This seems strange in that Rush is 1) not as hard to figure out as the average Replacements or Smiths song (which, by the by, if anyone has got down "Answering Machine," I'd appreciate some hints); 2) 30 years old; and 3) a staple of adolescent boy record collections. My junior high band played dozens of Rush covers, until we figured out this was no way to look cool to girls (leading to the switch to The Cure and New Order), and I would imagine most other bands had the same early experience. In fact, Rush has been name-checked in indie rock often ("What about the voice of Geddy Lee/ How did it get so High?" -- Pavement's "Stereo"). Does anyone know of any covers?

Second, I was also trying to make up a song list for the 12 months of the year, and I have some holes that need filling (this is all I could come up with while waiting at Dunkin' Donuts). Any suggestions:

"Two Days in February," the Goo Goo Dolls
"Sometimes it Snows in April," Prince
"May Queen," Liz Phair
"Bye June," The Smashing Pumpkins
"September Gurls," Big Star
"October," U2
"November Rain," Guns N Roses
"December," Teenage Fanclub

Finally, here is a Superchunk video that makes me nostalgic for college:



Trevor Jackson said...

I can't help you on the Rush covers question, but I think it's like George Carlin's "no blue food" thing. Just doesn't exist. Though I'd love to hear someone rethink "Tom Sawyer."

"March" a Rogue Wave extra that showed up on a Sub Pop compilation.

"July, July" - The Decemberists

dunkeys said...

NIN's March of the Pigs? It's cheating but excellent (and Beavis and Butthead enjoyed the video very much, if I recall). Soundgarden has 4th of July from Superunknown, too.

traca de broon said...

I think the Goo Goo Dolls also had a January song? Called "January?" Or "January Friend?"

El Gordo de Amore said...

Man, I should have remembered that Soundgarden song -- that's unforgivable to the rock gods -- and is "March" a cheat, or does it actually involve March?

Grendel said...

"4th of July" by X - from the ALbum "See How We Are"

"August" by Katastrophe - from the album "Let's Fuck, Then Talk About My Problems"

Trevor Jackson said...

"March" wasn't on a Sub Pop comp, it was bundled in a sampler that a now-defunct magazine called Comes With a Smile released.

"March" is about the month. The speaker begs his lost love to "come back in March" in the chorus. Not clear what he's doing till then, though. Contains the lines "we are at odds with what we attract" and "tell me a joke, so I can see through you." I can send you the track if you'd like.

And yes, "4th of July" kicks ass in ways the Decemberists' song just never will. Should have thought of that. Still working on August, though I'm tempted to suggest the Counting Crows album "____ and Everything After."

ian said...
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ian said...

you've got july covered, it seems, but don't forget Springsteen's "4th of July, Asbury Park, Sandy".

Brando said...

Gordo, there is a cover of Tom Sawyer out there -- I think it's by a group called Deadsie (or maybe Deadzie, these kids with the spelling). It sounds like Tom Sawyer played by people who can't do Neil Peart's drum parts.

There also was an unofficial tribute album a few years back -- not sure if that counts, or if you want to hear Sebastian Bach sing "The Analog Kid."

the plunge said...

If you want to kill two birds, the old standard 'June in January' is pretty great. Bing Crosby croons a version.


A clouded moon creeps across the clouded sky
Winds of January sigh and moan
And yet it's June.
I can see a sky of blue
Dear the miracle is due to you.
Just you.
It's June in January
Because I'm in love
It always is spring in my heart
with you in my arms.
The snow is just white blossoms
that fall from above.
And here is the reason, my dear,
Your magical charms.
The night is cold
The trees are bare
But I can feel the scent of roses in the air.
It's June in January
Because I'm in love.
But only because I'm in love with you.

El Gordo de Amore said...

I found out Audioslave does a cover of "Working Man" -- anyone ever hear it?

And Primus does "La Villa Strangiato," which sounds kind of awesome.

cek said...

Aaaah, Superchunk. I just watched the Precision Auto video, too, and it almost made me cry.

Grendel said...

I had no idea Elizabeth McCracken had been in a Superchunk video!

El Gordo de Amore said...

She totally reminds me of Elizabeth too -- that kind of "roguish, pretty, attractive wit that is more than a little bemused by your antics but still thinks you're O.K. to hang with as long as you don't set something on fire or ask to borrow a bunch of CDs."