Enter the Barrelhouse Power Ballad Contest

Details are here. You have till April 1. If you win, they're gonna record it and post it on the site, dude!


the plunge said...


Did you try to upgrade this blog to the new version of Blogger? Seems like it might be worthwhile. Can log in with google account and there's new features and stuff.

Also, if anyone didn't see this:

Man found mummified in front of TV, still on

...you'd better have a look.

Grendel said...

Well, as I told Brando, the Beta is a new trick, and I am an old dog. I am going to wait until they make me change it, and then more than likely spend an entire day fixing it. I have modified so much, and put in so much baling wire to the template, I anticipate a huge mess. Also, as other sites have found, some of the Contributors will likely vanish. All of this I can wait for -- I am not sitting here drooling over some Google features or such. It ain't broke, so...

But the TV mummy man... what an American death.