Lecture on Sunday

Passing along a note from T-Bone, who, having switched her account to Google, is unable to post here anymore. This is Google's way of "nudging" us toward the New Beta of Blogger. Anyway, she says, and I quote:

If any of you are lucky enough to be in the I.C. on Sunday, you can check out my boss (aka KPC), at his Presidential Lecture. - T-Bone

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gillymonster said...

I'm looking forward to Dr. Campbell's lecture. Really. There is a great debate in Iowa regarding the legality of stem cell research, and Kevin has opinions. Another FYI: the cultural diversity festival is taking place in the Field House on Sunday from 12-5. Food, music, etc. Promises to be fun, and if you value diversity and want a bit more of it in these parts, here is an opportunity to show support.