Anyone know this story by its vague description?

So, I was at this cocktail party with a local author, and Lumpy started talking about this short story that had to do with the mistakes people have in their memory. I thought the thing was called "Peaches," by a Japanese Writer, but I can't find it anywhere. It was the first or second story in one of the collections I taught at Iowa, and it had to do with a boy and his mother pushing a baby carriage full of what I thought were peaches. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, and what collection it was in?

And, by the by, that's me and the baby wolves at our private beach, which hopefully entices one of y'all to come visit (an invitation I meant to put up in June -- honestly, I can't believe the summer is over).

So, if you know the story, help me out. I'm looking at you, Bernard.


dunkeys said...

That's obviously a little novel called _Carrie_, by Stephen King. Duh.

El Gordo de Amore said...

Damn you! I'm serious!

Grendel said...

Your description does ring a bell, but then my ears have been ringing lately. It's not a Murakami story is it?

dunkeys said...

Okay, okay: I have no idea. You say "Peaches," I think of The Presidents of the USA. Stories about memory? Proust. Wolves? A kid named Peter. But the three together? Not a clue, unless The Presidents of the USA adapted Remembrances of Things Past into a hybrid rock-opera interweaving Peter and the Wolf. Which sounds awesome but unlikely.

TLB said...

Its Abe Akira. I love that story. It was in the "The Story and Its Writer Book"--the older edition, I think that had the green cover.

El Gordo de Amore said...

Thanks! Good to see someone around here knows literature.

You know who I'm looking at.

Oh, you know.

Yes you do.

You do.


El Gordo de Amore said...

I'm still looking.

Yes I am.

Staring with my beedy little eyes.

Looking west.

You know who I'm looking at.

dunkeys said...

"beady," I think (as I hide behind a tree, weirdo).