Hello, Friends

How nice to check this blog after a long hiatus and see that you're all still here and still being funny.
I'm writing to say hello and I miss you, and also to ask you to help me with two things:
1) I just moved to Philly and know only one person. Do any of you know anyone here who might like to be my friend?
2) I'm teaching a creative writing class, and I've asked them to write a scene of dialogue comprised only of questions. If any of you are bored at work, or bored in general and want to whip up a funny one I could use as an example, I would be very happy and very grateful.

Thank you thank you.


El Gordo de Amore said...


possum said...

Ryan McCArtney is in Philly, and he's the shit.

TLB said...

Josh Emmons and Katie Ford just moved there, I think.

How are you, hon? B and I miss you. Write us.

Laurel said...

lee klein is in philly, and he's the most fun ever!

i wish i were in philly. it's my third favorite city!