Anyone Want To Workshop?

So, after a very long hiatus, a baby, and a dark night of the soul, I really want to get writing again, as I've realized my internal happiness really took a hit when I stopped doing it and concentrated on teaching, making enough money to survive in the Northeast, and changing poopies. While my three main concerns aren't going away any time soon, I was wondering if anyone wanted to start passing around stories over the Net?

And, interestingly enough, I work at Roger Williams University Law School now, and the guy that wrote the article on workshops in the Atlantic teaches in the J-school.

So, let me know, and God Bless Us, Each and Every One.


TLB said...

God, yes.

Grendel said...

I would say God yes, but I have just decided on a rewrite. I will have to hold off for a month or so.

Pete said...

I'm down. Everyone got chat cameras? We could actually simulate a workshop.

Grendel said...

What's the score here? What's next? If I signed up for a later slot, I'd be in. Is a novel excerpt okay?

kate said...

I'm down, too.

fujo said...

i'm in!
just tell me how it works
no chat cameras in mali but i'd love get involved otherwise