Redlefsen Family Christmas Letter, First Draft

Hello, and merry, merry, Christmas!

This year has been quite an exciting one for Team Redlefsen! We moved into our cozy new home last February, and we still haven't managed to completely unpack! We'll probably be surrounded by boxes for years (ha, ha)! But, we've been busy meeting the new neighbors, who are all quite interesting, and always seem to be around, willing to help!

Ted's firm has been going through some extremely exciting changes, and Ted has really taken to his new job and title. While it is still up in the air what the future of Redlefsen, Redlefsen, Dodge, and Butterworth will look like, I'm sure it will turn out better than any of us could have hoped for.

Ted and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary at the Shore, driving down in a RED CONVERTIBLE Ted had rented just for the occassion! Ted was so romantic, and we spent the whole weekend acting like kids again.

Rory's new business venture has been really taking off -- unlike many women her age, she's setting her own hours, keeping the profits, and running her own ship. I'm told she's quite the entrepeneur! She's been running herself ragged, but onwards and upwards, I always say!

Roger is also doing well -- he and I did the "College Tour" this fall, and Roger is looking at some very interesting schools. He's sent in his applications, and now we are just keeping our fingers and toes crossed until the good news arrives!

Even so, this year has had its challenges. Unfortunately, we lost Ted's father this year, although, as he always said "I had a pretty good run." And he certainly did! We also lost our beloved dog, Sparkplug, although I am sure he is happily licking Jesus' face as we speak!

I hope your next year is even better than this one!

Merry, Merry Christmas,

Judy Redlefsen


traca de broon said...

God bless!!!

Grendel said...

I wonder if Jesus has to pick up Sparkplug's poop in Heaven, or if they just leave it there, on a cloud.