Lost Sounds, Volume 1

As a new feature of Earthgoat, I bring you "El Gordo De Amore's Lost Sounds." I've been trolling the few remaining record stores and pawnshops of this great nation to bring you the best in lost music. Today, I give you: MeeMee and Maia's "It was a Dog that Peed on My Baby."

As far as I can tell, MeeMee and Maia released only one record during their short lifetime, Honestly, Move Over, a collection of lo fi, droney songs in the tradition of the Velvets. MeeMee, 23, and Maia, 26, were "Siamese twins" joined at the hips, the result of an explosion in the glue factory they worked at in Nova Scotia. This accident left them connected until they died in a freak heli-skiing accident in 1995. "It was a Dog that Peed on My Baby" has all the classic pieces of a MeeMee and Maia tune, including rudimentary drums, rudimentary guitar, and somthing they called "The Lander," a space-noise generator that appears on every single one of their songs.

MeeMee and Maia -- It Was A Dog That Peed on My Baby

Fun Fact: MeeMee's real name was "Tony."

Highest Chart Position: None.


Grendel said...

Okay, this song is Pure Evil. It was in my head for two straight hours this morning. My dogs know if very well by now.

Didn't they also have a Christmas CD called "Uprising"? Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else.

El Gordo de Amore said...

That's someone else -- while MeeMee and Maia did record one Christmas song, Seriously, Santa, What the Fuck am I Supposed to do with a Bicycle?, that was their only foray into seasonal tunes.