A Journal Opportunity

Howdy folks! I've sort of slidden viper-like into running my school's literary journal (the blandly titled Prism Review). It's fallen a bit by the wayside, as things do near waysides, but I'm yanking it up by its bootstraps like nothing you've ever seen unless you've seen journals get stronger in cataclysmic-like-eruptions from issue to issue in your lifetime.

Here's the best part: email submissions accepted, prismreview(at)ulv(dot)edu. Please, poets and fictives, send me some loving. It takes lil' effort. Feel free to spread the word. Feel free not to spread the word and so keep submissions low and increase your already solid chances of acceptance.

We've also a poetry contest with a prize-winning judge and moolah as reward.
Info and a cool picture at http://prismreview.blogspot.com

Help a friendo out! YES WE CAN!

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