Notepad Misc

Contents of an iPhone's Notes file I just stumbled across.

Notepad misc

Bothy band
Richard thompson
Euan macoll
Duffy (welsh girl)
Elliot smith

the visitor
Real xt oolestate ideas
Mesquite, hb
Patoka lake
Email re Ohio River

Songs to record
techno drone drums
Fame - good one
All my loving

Dad: shoes smelled says thinks leather came off a cows rear end, and only thing wrong with Montana is it's full of bad people

Creation by franco ferruci the life of god as told to himself autobiography of god (_____ recommended)

Search yt for robin williams scottish golf

Rewrite ball of string story ending shortly after cop arrives

A vitamin with an ego

How do you entertain a blind man, a zombie that has to be cheerful [quoting Bill, who is blind. -- Ed.]

Every time I lie to you I really mean it

Bus 48 to barentzplein, van diemenstraat 50

Short story: the nap

Fleet foxes and grizzly bear

Crying underwater - a funny notion

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