Pile of Brown

What are we trying to prove about ourselves when we trash a writer like Dan Brown and who are we trying to prove it to? Because I don't think they're paying attention.

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Grendel said...

When I think of Dan Brown I feel a mixture of envy and revulsion. I tried to read The Da Vinci Code. It's not good writing, as I understand it from reading fiction for 30 years or so. I couldn't finish. I was arguing with the author on every page. I was groaning. So, I'm with Pullman in spirit. But I don't think a lot is to be done about it. I don't see the benefit in complaining out loud about it. If you can't say something nice... Besides, you can't talk someone into disliking that kind of writing. Millions like it. I can't change that. My own family reads and constantly recommends books by authors who pump out a thriller a year. But my tirade stays inside me. I just nod and say something vague.