Odd Adaptation

There is a trailer out now for the film adaptation of Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. If nothing else, the cast looks entertaining.


Grendel said...

Looks very promising! Can't wait to see it, actually.

Trevor Jackson said...

I just keep telling myself that Wallace endorsed this and that he liked the script. Krasinski says that Wallace told him he "got it."

If not for that, I don't know. It'll be weird to hear the questions. It'll just be weird.

Keep your hands off Infinite Jest, Hollywood! I'm generally in favor of adaptations, and can see them as academic exercises even when the movie goes horribly wrong, but Wallace's stuff getting translated bothers me a little.

dunkeys said...

1. I was excited to see the trailer. Before I saw it.

2. Don't you think it's a bit unlikely that Wallace "never figured out how to do that"? I haven't read the collection for a while but isn't that exact cohesion sort of implied?


3. Will Forte. Hm. As the first face you see in a movie based on a DFW book . . . I mean, I love me some Macgruber (well, only a little), but . . . Will Forte. Wow.