Blogging for Overlooked Fiction

Thought some might be interested in the following posting from this Litblog Co-Op thing. Our new friend The Happy Booker is among participants, as is MoorishGirl, and other names some will recognize:

"What would happen if a bunch of your favorite literary blogs got together four times a year and picked a book from obscurity, an overlooked literary gem that we'd get behind as a group and bring to your attention, flogging it ceaselessly both here and on our respective individual blogs?"

There is more, along with comments, at the following URL: http://www.lbc.typepad.com/

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Grendel said...

I'm still not exactly sure what this group means to do, besides bring four books a year out of obscurity. I emailed them about Earth Goat joining, but my email promptly went down after that and is still down. It may be a done deal anyway to stay just with the existing participants.